Urban Gardening & Farming Solutions

Stemgarden shares projects bringing nature back to our cities.


The Growroom

The Growroom is a wooden spherical garden designed for urban areas. It has been imagined by the Denmark-based company Space10 (supported by IKEA). Instructions on


Green Newspaper

The Green Newspaper is a newspaper made of recycled and vegetable paper that you can plant after you’ve read it. It was invented for the


Aquaponics at Mediamatic

Mediamatic Fabriek, Mediamatic’s new location, is situated in the Van Gendthallen, old ship building halls on the Oostenburgereiland east of the center of Amsterdam. They


Plant Pads

Plant Pads consist of multiple layers of paper and fabric that contain seeds and customized nutrients for each type of plant. They rely on capillary


Pasona Urban Farm

Urban Farm at Pasona Tokyo Headquarters is a nine story high, corporate office building for a Japanese recruitment company, Pasona Group, located in downtown Tokyo.


Nursery Fields Forever

Nursery Fields Forever is the winner project of the AWR International Ideas Competition to design a new nursery school. The Italian team behind the project


Open Agriculture

The MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg) is a group from the MIT Media Lab which is developing Open Source hardware and software platforms



Calla is a fresh herbs indoor garden that keeps store-bought potted herbs healthy at hand all year round. It takes care of the plants with

Non classé

Quai Branly Museum

A living wall bursts with vegetation at Paris’s Musée du Quai Branly—a type of green wall that’s catching on in some big cities. These vegetated